About Us

Our goal is to offer the highest quality Veterinary Service and care at an honest price. We aim to treat the client as a friend and their pet as if it were our own. Our job is not finished until our friends are satisfied and our pets are completely and thoroughly cared for.

Our pets are our responsibility for their lifetime, not just the few minutes we see them each year. We aim to care for these pets from birth to death, and share with them the time in between.

Our responsibility is not limited to the healing of pets, but also to the nurturing and development of their owners. We need to educate and enlighten all pet owners of the importance of preventive medicine and the necessity for quality pet care.

Our presence involves more than our job. We are part of a community. Every action we make should reflect our caring and concern for people and pets around us.

Our reward is knowing we did our best, the friends we make, and a simple wag of a tail.

Gary Rothman VMD