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Dr. Rothman

“I’ve wanted to be a vet ever since I was a child. I was always the one to care for the family pet. My father and I loved to visit the old SPCA together just to look at the animals, knowing some day I would be taking care of them,” he says.

In fact, he credits his father as being his biggest influence. “He taught me to love, respect and appreciate animals. He is a very kind and gentle man.”

Gary Rothman is a Class of ’78 Alumnus of Jamesville-DeWitt High School. Gaining his Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University in 1982 and a M.B.A. from Temple University in 1984, he went on to receive a Doctorate of

Veterinary Medicine from The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1988.

After gaining hands-on experience working in established practices, and forming his own high standards and ideas on how he believed an animal care facility should be run, Dr. Rothman returned to his home town to open his own practice. Collecting up used equipment, he hung his shingle in Jamesville, NY – and Quarryside Animal Hospital was open for business. After almost 20 years of hard work and dedication, he has gained a reputation as a caring and skilled doctor that offers quality care at a fair price, serving over 5,000 families by treating more than 10,000 of their pets. In April of 2001, Dr Rothman moved the original Quarryside hospital to a new and modern facility on Jamesville Rd.

Dr. Rothman is one of the few vets in the area that also specializes in the care of exotic pets (birds, reptiles, rodents, ferrets, rabbits, etc.), which requires additional training, special skills and equipment.

“The best thing about veterinary medicine is the pets and their owners. They are kind and caring people. It is wonderful to see the happy faces of families that are reunited with a healthy pet,” says Dr. Rothman.

Obviously a dedicated doctor, Gary Rothman is also a family man. He spends his free time with his wife, three children, and grandchildren . He is also a recreational marathon runner, who also enjoys biking, skiing and fishing. He is also an accomplished photographer. His gallery is available for viewing on the walls of Quarryside Animal Hospital.